Overground is coordinated by Blok Collective and is a not for profit event, aimed at providing a space where both local and national artists and audiences can come together to produce, exhibit and enjoy work in a live setting.

Peterborough has a rich pool of artistic talent that has traditionally had very few options for exhibiting and developing new working practises and audiences. Fortunately there are a number of groups and individuals that go all out to make the city a better place to be for the arts and we want to help create even more opportunities for the city's art and culture to grow.

Overground also provides first step learning, and signposting to further learning, for adults interested in the creative industries. We hope to inspire the young to take up new creative endeavours and also to provide support to emerging artists in the city, so that they can gain new skills, new friends and new confidence to produce and exhibit new work. We also aim to provide a platform for more established artists to showcase - and sell - their work to the public. By bringing local and national artists together for the Live Art Jam and other events, we hope to generate new ideas, with artists picking up new skills and techniques from watching people work. Sometimes seeing the creative process in action can help you see how your process could improve or change. Or maybe just confirm that you’re on the right track.

It's also a really great day out... :)

2011’s Jam (on the 16th July) will be our second year and we’re still growing. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a very strong desire to make positive difference in Peterborough. We welcome support and ideas and if you want to help make the city (or maybe even the world) a better place for the arts too, then Join Us!

Another really great outcome for Overground is that we get to support the good people at The Green Backyard, by bringing new audiences to the site that will hopefully want to come back again. It is a great example of partnership working and as the project grows, we plan to establish relationships with even more local groups.

There are opportunities to help Overground by becoming a sponsor. We have a level to suit every budget, so please get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in supporting us this year, next year or beyond.

For more information about Blok Collective, what we do and how you can get involved, visit our website www.blokcollective.co.uk or go to the contact page here and send us an email.

For more info on the Green Backyard visit their website www.thegreenbackyard.com

Join Us? We need Artists (and volunteers) for the overground arts jam as well as our other future events.

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IT's on! Sign ups for the 4th Overground arts Jam are now open. Visit the signup page here This year's jam is on the 17th August. We'll be in touch once we receive your form.

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